Episode 8: Inflection Point

Humanity is at a juncture in history requiring us to make a fundamental shift to clean energy, in order to decarbonize our societies and combat climate change. The global economy needs to transition out of its current fossil fuel dependency … but how can this best be achieved?

This episode, Inflection Point, discusses how advanced energy technologies – including small modular and micro nuclear reactors, together with renewables – can enable us to ‘turn the corner’ on climate change.

Podcast host Rolake Ojo is joined by Gridlocked creators Nick O’Hara and Mark Havenner who, through presenting a mixture of guest expert contribution alongside their own narration, introduce listeners to some of the key issues in unlocking a clean energy future.

In this episode we hear more from Joshua Goldstein, who co-wrote the film Nuclear Now with Oliver Stone.

Leading meteorologist and climate scientist, Kerry Emanuel, offers insights on potential energy mixes that can help us decarbonise our economies as we push for clean energy solutions. He is joined by civil engineer and environmental advocate, Kristin Zaitz. Together with Goldstein, they cover the theme of public acceptance for different energy sources, and how to discuss, debate and advocate energy policy issues.

The show ends with insights from two contributors we heard from in the earlier Spaceship Earth episode: former NASA deputy administrator and current director of MIT Media Lab, Dava Newman, together with International Space Station architect Guillermo Trotti.

This is the penultimate documentary show of the season and prepares the ground for the final show, in which we cover how to build a world for our children and grandchildren that is worth inheriting … how, if we seize this moment, we can create a brighter future.

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