Episode 5: The Problem Solver

“Reliable power where and when it is needed will always and everywhere rank higher than emissions and pollution.”
—Staffan Qvist

In the podcast’s second panel discussion show, Gridlocked host Rolake Ojo is joined by:

  • Staffan Qvist: CEO of tech consultancy, QuantifiedCarbon
  • Nick O'Hara: Gridlocked writer and producer.

    The panel builds on some of the key issues raised in the previous Running into Reality episode of Gridlocked, addressing key issues on how to build a clean energy future.

    In the show, Staffan shares insights from his industrial decarbonization work, together with some reflections on his co-authored book, A Bright Future: How Some Countries Have Solved Climate Change and the Rest Can Follow.

    The conversation focuses on the need to shift away from humanity’s reliance on combustible fossil fuels, and on to hydrogen and electro-fuels coupled with direct low-carbon heat supply. The discussion covers Staffan’s groundbreaking ‘repowered fossil’ work. This includes looking at transforming coal and other power plants around the world, taking into account the significant vested interests associated with assets amounting to trillions of dollars, together with the value to local economies and jobs.

    The show ends with Staffan sharing what gives him cause for optimism about the future, as we focus our efforts on meeting the climate emergency facing humanity.

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