Episode 4: Running Into Reality

After every ‘green’ initiative in recent decades, humanity is still not on track to solve climate change. Despite this, many of us unquestionably support renewable energy sources like wind and solar, believing that they hold the key to combatting climate change.

This episode, Running into Reality, delves into some key considerations in contemporary energy policy that most commentators hide away from. We question whether renewables are really such a good idea, and why it is that fossil fuel companies are among renewables’ biggest cheerleaders.

Podcast host Rolake Ojo is joined once again by Gridlocked creators Mark Havenner and Nick O’Hara who, through a mixture of narration and discussion, explore the realities of what prevailing preferences for renewable energy sources can actually deliver.

In this episode we hear more from Joshua Goldstein, who co-wrote the newly released film Nuclear Now with legendary film director Oliver Stone.

Listeners also hear contributions from Kristin Zaitz, who is a civil engineer working in California’s energy sector and co-founder of advocacy group Mothers for Nuclear. Also featured are renewable energy entrepreneur, Rob Freda, together with leading meteorologist and MIT professor emeritus, Kerry Emanuel.

The show’s contributors discuss a number of key considerations, including: meeting the demands of electricity grids; pricing and subsidies; logistical capacity and acreage requirements, amongst others.

If you’re ready to challenge everything you thought you knew about renewables, then ‘buckle up’ and tune in to Running into Reality.

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