Episode 3: The Economist and the Engineer

In the podcast’s first ever panel discussion show, Gridlocked writer and producer Nick O’Hara is joined by:

  • Pia Malaney: Senior economist at the Institute for New Economic Thinking and co-founder of the Center for Innovation, Growth and Society – who features in the previous Spaceship Earth episode; and
  • Kristin Zaitz: Civil engineer and co-founder, Mothers for Nuclear – who features in the Running into Reality episode that follows this panel show.

The panel discusses some of the key issues raised in the previous episode of Gridlocked, addressing questions such as how we can all elevate our perspective to a Spaceship Earth mentality.

The clear link between access to energy and economic development/ poverty reduction is discussed, including whether we should seek to ‘energy conserve’ our way out of climate change.

The guests consider the question of agency and collective action, sharing their reflections on effective climate advocacy approaches to mobilizing action to flatten the curve on greenhouse gas emissions and combat climate change.

The show ends with Pia and Kristin sharing what gives them cause for optimism about the future, as we focus our efforts on meeting the climate emergency facing humanity.

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