Episode 2: Spaceship Earth

Energy is the key driver of climate change. This episode, Spaceship Earth, introduces listeners to the current worldwide energy context, focusing on the climate emergency against the backdrop of increasing global energy demand.

Podcast host Rolake Ojo is joined by Gridlocked creators Mark Havenner and Nick O’Hara who, through a mixture of narration and discussion, explore key climate science and economic themes in global energy... from a non-science viewpoint.

In this episode, we hear from Joshua Goldstein, who co-wrote the newly released film Nuclear Now with legendary film director Oliver Stone.

The show starts by looking at planet Earth from the perspective of outer space, with insights from former NASA deputy administrator, Dava Newman, and International Space Station architect Guillermo Trotti. Both go on to talk about the importance of respecting nature and preserving biodiversity on land and in our oceans.  

Listeners will then hear contributions from world-leading atmospheric scientist, Kerry Emanuel, as well as leading nuclear science professor, Jacopo Buongiorno. Together with renowned economist Pia Malaney, co-founder and director of The Center for Innovation, Growth and Society, they provide an overview of key issues in climate change from an energy policy perspective.  

The episode also features the planet’s most prominent living architect, Lord Norman Foster, who talks about the critical role energy plays in improving the quality of our lives– especially for those currently living in developing countries. Foster argues that, “the quality of our lives is at stake, and being challenged by climate change.”

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