Episode 1: Introduction

This episode introduces Gridlocked, the new docuseries podcast exploring ‘why the 21st Century is broken and how to fix it.’ 

Podcast host Rolake Ojo is joined by Gridlocked creators Mark Havenner and Nick O’Hara, co-founders of global thought leadership consultancy Renovata, who provide an overview of Season One: Energy, before going on to discuss their wider ambitions for future seasons of the show.

Through a mixture of narration and discussion, the episode covers how Gridlocked gives voice to those with the ideas and solutions to deliver change, starting in Season One with the one issue underpinning so many others today: energy. This episode covers how the season shifts conversation away from the current debates about ‘net zero’ and climate ‘fatigue’ to examine the possibilities for better outcomes new ‘energy mixes’ involving clean technologies like nuclear and renewables can achieve.

One of the things setting Gridlocked apart from other podcasts is the caliber of its contributors, and this episode highlights who listeners can look forward to hearing from in Season One. This includes the planet’s most prominent living architect, Lord Norman Foster, together with a world-leading atmospheric scientist and a designer for the International Space Station, who will cover how innovative design can help us combat the climate emergency, and get real about decarbonization.

Season One also features Joshua Goldstein who co-wrote the new film out with director Oliver Stone, which releases in US cinemas April 2023, called Nuclear Now.

Gridlocked Season One: Energy has been produced in association with the Center for Advanced Nuclear Energy Systems at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT), led by Professor Jacopo Buongiorno.

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